The jb-x eBusiness Suite purchasing portal from jb-x business solutions GmbH. Enclosed you will find all relevant information on the exchange of BMECAT catalog and document data.

Stammblatt Lieferpartner

In order to create a delivery partner in the system, information from the following form is required. If you are already listed in other jb-x portals, please let us know. This way, already agreed standards can be transferred to further uses if necessary.

Supplier connection_ordering system

Here, general information, such as the name and contact of the supplier, is given first.

Under the item "Catalog import", a check mark is placed in the respective box to indicate in which catalog form (BME, Excel, etc.) the supplier would like to transmit his articles including information to jb-x.

At "Order dispatch" the supplier specifies the way he wants to receive orders from the jb-x system. Under the item "Shipping notification" it can be selected whether and in which form shipping notifications are transmitted by the supplier. Under the items "eCl@ss" and "eInvoice" information regarding eCl@ss and invoices can be specified.

Please send the completed form to the responsible support team!

Enclosed you will find the templates and related specifications for the catalog or document data:



Information about the Excel template file:

In the Excel template file, the supplier can enter his articles with all related information.

The red column labels indicate mandatory fields.

If the mouse pointer is moved over the column caption, information regarding the values to be entered is displayed.

The "Example file" column in the lower button can be used to display example values for a catalog.

Under the column "Order unit" is entered in which unit the article is ordered (in the example file e.g. pallet and carton (PAL, KAR)). The units can be viewed below under the "Units" button.

The column "Content unit" indicates which unit is in the order unit (e.g. pallet with piece (STK) or carton with tetrapack (TET)).

The column "Conversion CME/BME" indicates how many units of the content unit are in the order unit (e.g. for a pallet with 24 pieces of 24).

Information on how the catalog is displayed to users in the system:

Catalog display


We support the order formats EDI ORDERS D96A and D01B or OPENTRANS ORDERS V1.0 .




Shipping notifications

We support the delivery note formats EDI DESADV D96A or OPENTRANS DISPATCHNOTIFICATION V1.0 .



We can process invoices in EDI INVOICE D96A or ZUGFERD PDF A-3 invoice formats.

Transfer to financial accounting systems

We can transfer verified invoices as open items to financial accounting systems in DATEV format.

Example DATEV document transfer

Standards / specifications for the catalog definition