Rottach-Egern - Since 1899, the Wallberghaus has stood high above Lake Tegernsee, framed by the Wallberg and Setzberg mountains. Now a new chapter of history is being written - with a new tenant.

The Wallberghaus, located on the saddle between Wallberg and Setzberg, is opening a new chapter. As the Tegernseer Zeitung has learned, Korbinian Kohler, owner of the Hotel Bachmair Weissach, will be the new tenant of the Wallberghaus from December 1. Hanno and Petra Hirschfeld have been the innkeepers on the mountain since fall 2013. They terminated their contract in October for personal reasons. A new tenant was sought on the Internet. Even in Salzburg and Tyrol, as Simon Adlbert, Chairman of the Wallbergalm community, knows. They have always owned the house with its long history.

It was built in 1899. Joseph Höss, the then leader of Egern, had successfully fought for it. The house burned down in 1951, but was then rebuilt. In 2013, the community had the Wallberghaus at an altitude of 1512 meters extensively renovated. There were apparently many applicants for the new lease, "including from the restaurant and hotel scene down at Tegernsee", reports Vice-Chairman Franz Schabmair. "However, Mr. Kohler had the best concept."

And it looks like this. The Wallberghaus will reopen its doors on December 26. As the building is in good shape, only minor changes will initially be made to the restaurant, which seats around 80 people. A small range of dishes will be on offer to satisfy hikers, winter bikers and tobogganists. Anyone who knows Kohler knows that this is not all. Under the name "Berghotel Altes Wallberghaus", the hotelier is planning a "subtle, nice, friendly" establishment. The upper floor, which previously housed guest beds and toilets, is to be converted. 40 beds are planned. There will also be a mattress dormitory under the roof again in future - albeit a very special one. "I'm currently looking for old farmhouse beds, which we'll cover with curtains to create an intimate atmosphere," reports Kohler. Outside, in the former pigsty, the new tenant is thinking of installing a sauna with a view of the lake.

The conversion should be completed by June 2017. Overnight stays should then be bookable. But only with half board. A three-course menu will be cooked and served at 7 pm. A cowbell rings at the table.

Catering for the general public is then still possible. "Normal hut operations will continue until around 4 pm," announces Kohler. A Bachmair-Weissach team will commute up the mountain every day until June, "then we'll probably have our own team that will stay up there." Incidentally, the Wallberghaus can only be reached on foot. The Wallbergalm farmers make sure that the road remains closed and they promise that the house will remain down-to-earth. "Because," says Simon Adlbert, "we don't need weirdos up there."

Hotel Bachmair Weissach takes over Wallberghaus!

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