The purchasing managers and managing directors of the cooperation companies gathered at the Louis Hotel for the 18th Controller Lunch to discuss important topics in the cooperation.

A total of 18 new suppliers have been added in the last three months and can be accessed via the ordering portal. The new "Staff Rates" employee program was approved and will be rolled out in the next few days.

Ms. Martina Westermeier, Area Purchasing Director Arabella Hospitality Group, reported on purchasing management at Starwood. As the Starwood Hotels in Germany also use the jb-x SRM Suite, Ms. Westermeier showed the advantages of the extensive reporting tools that are available to every cooperation company.

Mr. Archim Liedke, hygiene management consultant at Sonnenalp, pointed out the need for professional hygiene management in the hotel industry. The detailed results and tools of his work, which have led to the Sonnenalp hygiene star, will be made available to the cooperating businesses in the coming weeks.

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